LETS HAVE FUN!! Whats Your Most Embarrassing Moment? (Read Mine Here)

Hi Guys,Its TGIF today!! Lets have some fun here on Naijaloaded.

Lets share our Embarrasing moments here… Am 100% sure this Post will be hilarious.

Here’s mine…

I was in the Board room, (Ordinary office boy like me) and I was doing my Presentation jejely with my Oga’s at the Top Sitting with their Strong faces.

My Laptop was connected to the Projector at the other End of the Table and I was standing in Front of the room speaking beside the board.. You guys know as that kind presentation dey be na. Sweating and confused inside the AC.

Me:- (Presenting to My Oga’s) My name is Femi and am the Head of Marketing, Am here to tell you all how we’ve been able to increase the companies sales from 15% to 90%..

They all clapped and were very happy. Na so me self pose “ Oya na!! Starboy “.. I no know say na Trailer won jam me.

Ok Wait! I no tell una say I dey date one small fine chick like that for another department for my Office there and we were chatting on Skype before I left my office for the Presentation inside the Board room.

As the Presentation was getting more interesting, Na so Satan push this babe.. She sent me a Message on Skype and the chat notification popped from the corner of the laptop screen and it boldly shows on the Projector screen which all my Oga’s were looking at.

Guess what the babe said?

“Boo! I can’t wait for your Presentation to end fast jare. I want us to rush down home because am very very horny.. I can’t wait to receive that your Kondo”.

On seeing this, I started sweating.. My Oga’s were shocked and looking at me one kind.. I was pressing the projected image as if I can close the Pop up but my system was very far from Me. The Pop up stood there for more than 30 seconds.

I was looking foolish and couldn’t even continue the Presentation.

Na so one of my Oga shout “ Who is Tayo? “….. “H ope it’s not my own Tayo ooooo ”

…. And Truly, Na the Oga pikin (Tayo) I dey f*ck.

My Sack letter came with Immediate effect. I downloaded it with a 4G Internet Speed .

Oya tell us Yours!!!

Drop your Comments.


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